When one combines Lindsay’s easy disposition, great eye for detail and willingness to exceed even the pickiest persons expectations, one cannot ask for more. She photographed our sons birth. To say we loved the photos would be an understatement. Through her lens, Lindsay has the ability to capture heart tugging beauty in the most ordinary surroundings. When our sons birth center birth turned into an emergency c-section, the camera had to be put away for the rest of his and our hospital stay. Lindsay handled the situation with such care, she even suggested coming to our house to photographically complete his birth story. Her type of service is the exception. After working with her, she’s more than a photographer, she’s become an extended part of our family. To sum things up, I can’t be grateful enough that my wife was so insistent on photographing our sons birth.  After our first interview, we cancelled the two interviews we scheduled with other photographers. Something resonated humanly and I decided to go with my gut (and my wife’s decision). There are a lot of choices to document your birth but Lindsay not only has the talent, the creativity and the commitment to deliver photographs that will take your breath away, she also has the sincerity and love for you, her client, to become a pivotal part of your birth team.  
Alana J.

My memory isn’t the best, so having photo memories is *really* important to me! But finding a photographer that can truly capture the feeling behind the moments can be…tough. Lindsay has not only exceeded all expectations but raised the bar for all future photo shoots! I’m pretty sure I’ve found my “forever photographer”! I’ve been lucky enough to work with Lindsay for a nursing, family maternity, and beauty/individual maternity shoot (and will soon have her capture my baby’s birth!). Each time I’ve gotten the session images back they’ve brought tears to my eyes! I am literally in awe every time I look at the photos and feel SO BLESSED to be able to work with her!

Rochelle S.

I feel so lucky to have Lindsay of Lindsay Petty Photography in my life. Hiring her to document my sons birth and breastfeeding journey was one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made. Lindsay is the ultimate professional, every step of the way from our initial consultation appointment to the moment my son was born and beyond, she maintained her calm and caring yet enthusiastic and motivating attitude. She is very attentive, listened to all our desires, and made them come to life in picture. I’m always blown away by the detail of her work as well as her eye for capturing special moments. I highly recommend Lindsay and personally cannot wait to use her again!
Lisa W.