Los Angeles Birth Photographer || The Birth Story of Hudson James

I’m so excited to share the first birth story I photographed; which, was captured at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Harbor City, California. Lisa and I became cousins though marriage almost 4 years ago and became the best of friends right away. Lisa is one of the most carefree, loyal, and fun people I know and I’m so lucky I get to have her in my life. We were pregnant with our firsts together and had our sons within 5 months of one another. When Lisa and her husband, Daniel, returned from their honeymoon they found out they were pregnant with their second child. I told Lisa I wanted to start photographing births and she welcomed me in to the birth room immediately.

Fast forward to a few months later…I was crawling into bed and I received a text from Lisa that she felt a bit off and that she may be having the baby that night. After falling asleep for thirty minutes, I got another text that her water broke and they were getting ready to head to the hospital! I arrived at their home within 20 minutes and was able to capture those last moments of packing up and giving kisses to their 2 year old son who was fast asleep in their bed.

Once at the hospital, Lisa was admitted and the contractions began to intensify. She worked through each contraction with such beauty and grace. Lisa and Daniel decided to wait to find out the gender until the birth and it added even more anticipation and excitement (is that possible?!) to the day! The room was filled with family, friends, and so much love. Twelve and a half hours after Lisa’s water broke, she gave birth to a 10lb 2oz baby BOY! Congrats to this amazing family – Happy Birthday Hudson James!