Los Angeles Breastfeeding Photographer – Breastfeeding Session in San Pedro

I met Rochelle the first day I went to a workout class for moms in San Pedro, Ca. I knew after I had spoken to her for several minutes that I needed this woman to be a part of my life. It’s been nearly a year since that day, and Rochelle has become one of my best friends. She is so full of love and light and I can tell her anything and always have her support; she’s a true friend. Besides that, we just really crack each other up! Rochelle is a Natural Fertility Cleanse Specialist and has been a big influence in helping us live a bit more clean.

This shoot was very special for Rochelle as her breastfeeding relationship with her son was soon coming to an end. I know as a former breastfeeding mom that this is one bond we will always cherish, and to be able to look back on photos of this part of our lives is just priceless. Her son is such a cutie and he just loves his milk and cuddles with Momma. Thanks for letting me capture these moments between the two of you!