Los Angeles Birth Photographer – The Birth Story of Walker

The moment Aimee and I met at our birth consultation, I knew her and I would make fast friends! We talked all things birth and family for over an hour and a half. As we were leaving we realized both of our husbands work in the same industry – about an hour after I got home from our meeting, I received a text from Aimee that not only do our husbands work in the same industry, but they have worked together for years! Talk about a small world.

Fast forward to the birth day! I received a text from Aimee in the early morning hours that contractions were picking up and they were heading to the hospital soon. I arrived a few hours later and we walked around the hospital to help labor progress. Now, I’m going to get a little mushy here – I had to stop myself from crying several times at their birth. Witnessing the love between Aimee and her husband was indescribable…you could just feel it. He didn’t leave her side the entire time; they worked through contractions together, laughed, joked, and watched videos of their son and daughter who were at home waiting for the arrival of their new baby brother. Aimee planned for a natural birth with no pain medications…and boy, did she rock it! I am always amazed at the strength, love and determination of a woman in labor…it’s a journey that is filled with so much emotion and beauty! About 4 hours after I arrived, Walker entered into this world surrounded with so much love and joy! Congratulations to this amazing family that I now am able to call “friends!”

Born 6lbs 11oz 18 inches long at 11:27am.

Keep an eye out for their Fresh 48 session blog next week!