Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer


I am here to tell your story. I am here to capture your spirit and beauty. I am here to document your love with one another. Your story is begging to be captured, life changes so quickly; we change so quickly. No matter where you’re at in your life, your story deserves to be remembered and told. A session with me will be emotionally driven and raw. Our time together is a safe space for you to be completely YOU! I want you to go in for that kiss, cuddle your little one, breastfeed your baby, dance with your fiancé, toss your hair, touch your thighs…this is about you and your story.

Lindsay gave me one of the best gifts of my life—the opportunity to see myself in a new and loving light. I adore all of the photos she took in our time together, but I have a vivid memory of tears in my eyes and an overwhelming appreciation for my body after seeing a photo from our maternity boudoir shoot. I’m eternally grateful!
— Rochelle
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