Photos by the amazing Twyla Jones


A Little About Me.

Photography has been a way for me to capture a moment, a feeling, an emotion that is so fleeting. I found myself taking hundreds of photos of my son doing something cute and realized I did that because I never wanted to forget how I felt or how he looked in that exact moment. I love human connection and notice it (or lack there of) everywhere I am. Documenting the connection people have for one another truly fills my heart; as well as capturing ones self love, I love to feel love - haha! There’s something so special about being able to freeze these moments for people – and that’s the reason I decided to turn my love of photography in to my business.

Now for a speed round about little ol’ me: My family is everything. I’m a dog person. I quit coffee - I know, I know...lets see how long this lasts. Favorite movie is Lord of the Rings. I’m a hippie. I am always burning incense. I love Sade, Enya, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Phil Collins and some Cardi B - heeeeeey! If I could, I’d be barefoot everywhere. I've been skydiving twice.  I work on being a better and more grounded person daily. I love to garden. I’m amazed daily at all of the miracles we are surrounded by. I am vegan. My favorite drink is a margarita! My husband is a way better cook than me. I love this life!!


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