Boudoir in Joshua Tree, Ca | Boudoir Photographer

This session will definitely go down in the books as one of my most favorite and memorable - and we definitely laughed so hard I nearly peed (hey - it happens after a baby!). L and I have know one another for over 6 years as we are cousins through marriage and we quickly became best of friends. She's got that carefree and confident vibe and I just love being around her! We recently took a trip to Joshua Tree and we knew we had to grab this opportunity by the....well, balls. HAHAHA! I asked L to write a little something about her first boudoir here it goes! Hope you enjoy this totally spicy and stunningly gorgeous women! 

I’ve wanted to do a boudoir shoot as a gift for my husband since we’ve been married. Heck, I’ve even wanted to do it for years before that. I had this dreamy imagery in mind of soft white sheets, lacy delicate lingerie, silky full curls, and some killer high heels. I would visibly picture sitting my husband down, handing him this heavy hard covered book and waiting for his expression as he turned to page one. Yet year after year, about 9 to be exact, I always managed to cultivate a new excuse to put it off. I’ll do it after I loose some weight, I would tell myself. Then there was my first pregnancy, a second pregnancy, nursing, a broken ankle and the list went on and on. Although very subtle, something shifted this last year as I hit the big 3-0. That plus a combo of dreamy vacation vibes, a phenomenal photographer and not going to lie, a little tequila, I decided there was no better time than the present! Disclaimer: I am related to Lindsay through marriage, so I may be a tad biased when I say how incredibly talented she is, however the proof is in the pictures! I’ve had the good fortune of using Lindsay as our personal photog over the years. She was present to capture the birth of my second born son and since then we’ve done countless family sessions, a nursing session, and now most recently this boudoir shoot. Lindsay has the ability to become your instant best friend, a trait that I’ve witnessed as true with not only new family members like myself but with complete strangers. Hey, she’s somehow managed to get me to take my clothes off and get in front of a camera more than once now! All jokes aside, it’s impossible to not feel an instantaneous and genuine connection to Lindsay. My husband has yet to see these photos, our anniversary is in a few months, but the select few people I’ve showed have commented on how comfortable and at ease I look in them. When I look at these photos I not only feel comfortable but also beautiful. I’m proud of them. I've thought a few times since this photo shoot if I’ll look back and wonder what was I thinking?!?!... and maybe I will! However, the memories of the location, the laughter, and the purpose are things that I will always hold close to my heart ❤️