Los Angeles Boudoir Photography | Brave

Brave. As the new year approached, I knew I didn’t want to set yet another New year’s resolution that would only last a few weeks and then fizzle out. I’ve set myself up for disappointment way too many times doing that. This year, 2019, needed to be different for me. 2018 was one of the hardest years I’ve ever experienced,..and while I don’t feel quite ready to share it all, a huge part of it was my new panic attacks and my ever faithful friends, anxiety with a side of depression. Gesh! You may be asking where I am going with this! Well! I’ll tell ya. I decided that this year would be MY year (and every year after that), and I decided I would be BRAVE! I am taking my life, my joy, my mind and my spirit back and I feel better than I have felt in so long…I feel like the old Linds again; with still much work ahead! I am falling back in love with myself…every part of me. And my wish is for every woman to do the same.

2018 ended on an extremely high note for me as I decided to make the ginormous leap and open a boudoir studio in Rolling Hills Estates, Ca. So I knew I needed to be brave in order to make my dreams into a reality. I did a lot of work to get to where I am at today (a huge factor in that healing came from a book called Dare, yoga, and meditation) and I couldn’t be more grateful. Ok, now I’m rambling hahaha! I finally could see the light again, and I put my boss lady pants on and had my first boudoir session in the studio! Holy moly….it felt freakin’ amazing to be back and photographing. And I’m gonna be really honest with you…this is the only the fourth boudoir shoot I’ve done (aside from one workshop)….and now you probably think I’ve lost my marbles for opening a BOUDOIR studio after so few sessions. Well, I’m here to tell you that I have found what I LOVE and what not just calls to me, but SCREAMS to me. I literally walked to my car after the session with the biggest smile on my face! I love love love showing women allllll of the beauty I see in them that they might not yet see. I am living my dream and for that I am beyond grateful and filled with love.

This beauty is someone I have grown up with, she’s my little sister’s best friend. I asked her to come in and be my first test shoot in the studio, her response “Heck yeah! I’m so excited!!” This was her first boudoir session and she was adorably nervous and excited. Samantha Pack was on hair and makeup and I’m tellin’ ya…it felt just like being with my best girlfriends hanging out chit chatting, laughing and playing dress up. I want every woman to feel all the feels from a session like this. I’m so dang proud of her for being so brave during her session; she did amazing!! I am proud of my bravery and for the bravery of every woman who has and will spend time in front of my camera.