Los Angeles Boudoir Photographer | A. Fox

Boudoir Photography in Los Angeles, Ca

When I opened my boudoir photography studio in Rolling Hills Estates, Ca I knew that I wanted a boudoir session to really play with the light, explore my new studio, and have a really creative boudoir photoshoot. I had the perfect woman in mind….my dear friend for over 20 years, A. Fox. I asked her to write a little something about her boudoir experience with me. Boy oh boy, my heart is so full from reading her words. I love you girl!

“It is such a blessing when you get a chance to be creative with a close friend of 20 years. To bounce ideas off one another and to feel completely open and free with each other. No boundaries, no limits. Only support, love and encouragement radiating from both beings. 

Yes, this sounds cheesy but I don't care. 

And now, one quick little story of me and Lindsay way back when. When we were 12?...13 years old...???...we would dress up, usually in my old ice skating outfits and dance around my house to ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell. She would play a wicked air keyboard whilst bustin out this repeating Peanuts Gang like dance move, (which is still one of my favorite memories of you Linds), with me lip syncing to the song and dancing around her with my own groovy moves. I like to think my parents were just as entertained as we were. We would make them our audience half the time. And they grew up continuing being weirdos. The End. 

Continuing on to more cheese…

Lindsay has had more of an impact on my life growing up then she knows, she probably has no idea. Right off the bat, she has always had this mature/immature sense of humor.....beyond her years and quick witted but still laughs at farts. I loved her for that, and i still do. She hasn't changed at all in this area which I still find so motivating and inspiring. She made it safe and comfortable for me to be me, to be goofy, to be silly, to laugh like there’s no one watching, to not care what others thought...just by being her authentic self and accepting mine. I can genuinely say she was my best friend in the beginning of that weird coming of age time, Junior High! That awkward time of trying to be cool while your face is constantly breaking out. Throughout most of our relationship, all I remember us doing is laughing. And even up to now, I always look forward to the moments we spend together, even if its few and far between now a days, because i know there will be laughter and good vibes. 

When Lindsay asked me if I would pose for her of course I immediately said, ‘YES! I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!’ I’ve been watching her art form grow and evolve and to be asked to be a part of that...such an honor! I was excited to work with my friend. She asked me at a peak time when I wanted to explore myself more but wasn't sure how, and to push my limits in an area that I wasn’t familiar with and was uncomfortable. I was diving into what self-love meant to me on the inside and outside. And when opportunity knocks, you open that door. And here was an opportunity to explore a part of me that I’ve never been completely comfortable with, my sensuality. I was, and still am a little I guess, shy about being sexy,(...it’s a work in progress). Why?! Is my self esteem still so low? But I’m a grown woman, right? Have I allowed society’s opinions make that big of an impression on the way I feel about myself and how I should and shouldn’t act sexually? I guess so without realizing the severity of its impact. And NOW was the time to break down any and all negative self image thoughts I had about myself and come face to face with it with the comfort of my friend. 

I knew right away I wanted to get naked and set myself right there on that edge and be completely exposed. She gave me the space and freedom to explore that edge. I was nervous. Not because of her, but because of what I was allowing myself to experience in this safe space. She exposed a side of me I didn't believe I was truly capable of. She once again helped me through a process in this life. I definitely walked away from that shoot feeling transformed. I walked to my car with a new sense of confidence. I felt taller, brighter and I fell in love with me more that day. 

I had a blast rollin in the sheets with you ol’ friend. I appreciate you. Thank you. XOXO!”